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How to Type in Hindi in MS Office with English keyboard

In this article will see how we can type in the Hindi language in MS Office (Microsoft Office) with an English keyboard. If you are an Android user then by Default there is English (United States) Language keyword is present but Which can be easily changed or customized by the user according to there need and usage type.
There are many methods present out there but most of them show Mobile rooted methods but it is not necessary we can change our English keyboard to the Hindi keyboard and easily type in Hindi without any additional app except Gboard (multilingual typing).

So let’s get Started
how to type in Hindi in MS Office

How to Download Gboard (multilingual typing) for typing in the Hindi Language.

If you are On Android mobile Simply Follows the steps below:
1. Open Google play store
2. Search Gboard – the Google Keyboard
3. And Install it. If you already Installed it then follow the Next steps.

Adding New Virtual keyboard for Multi-Language Support.

1. Go to mobile Settings
2. Inside Personal search for Languages & input. Open Languages & input.
3. Then, Select the Virtual keyboard. Inside Keyboard and input methods.
4. And click on Manage keyboards.

5. And Enable Gboard. If already enabled then it is good.
6. Now come back and Open Gboard which is Inside Virtual keyboard
7. On the first option Languages open it.
8. And click on Add Keyboard and search for Hindi (India)
9. Now you have successfully add new Hindi keyboard in your mobile.
Watch this Video tutorial if you are facing difficulty in Adding Hindi keyboard

Adding Hindi (India) Language keyboard.

1. Now, In Languages & input. Click on Languages
2. And here you can select and manage your Languages
3. Make your own Language preferences i.e Hindi (Bharat)
4. To add the Hindi language in Keyboard. Click on Add a language
5. And Search for “हिन्दी भारत” and Click on it.
6. Now to Make Hindi your primary Language tap and hold on “हिन्दी भारत” and Drag it on Top.

Typing in Hindi in MS Office with keyboard.

Now open MS Office App and create a new Doc, Excel, or PPT. And start typing and automatically google keyboard will translate and show you all possible suggestions. And if you want to Instant switch between English – Hindi keyboard you can simply click on 🌐 available on the bottom – left side.

Extra tip: tap and hold on 🌐 and Box will where you can change the keyboard to Automatic (Google voice typing), Hindi (India) and English.


After reading this article hope you can type in Hindi language in MS Office using Gboard for Hindi keyboard without downloading Hindi fonts for android mobile. You can also Use this method not only for typing in MS office but also can be used in other Apps like: WhatsApp, Telegram and any other applications.
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