windows 10 freezing problem

How To Fix Windows 10 Freezing Problem in 2020

New Complete Guide to Fix freezing problem

This post will guide you have to Fix Windows 10 Freezing Problem and make your computer, laptop faster in performance and efficiency. In most cases, Windows 10 freezing problem raises because of your Computer incompatibility with Windows 10 and insufficient Hardware resources. But in most of the case’s problem is with Windows 10 updates such as systems freezing, refusing to install if USB drives are present That’s the bad thing with Windows 10 (operating system).

Reason Why Windows 10 freezing problem happen in your Computer or Laptop?

1. Because of Temp files
2. Balanced power setting
3. Unwanted Windows 10 updates
4. Unnecessary Background processes
windows 10 freezing problem

Here are top 5 solutions to fix this Windows 10 freezing problem:

So, Let’s start to fix Windows 10 Freezing or hanging Problem several factors affect Windows 10 Freezes.

  1. Deleting All Temporary Files
  2. Change Power Options from Balanced to High performance
  3. Stopping Windows 10 Automatic updates
  4. End Task: Stopping all unnecessary Background processes
  5. Uninstalling external Antivirus software (Effective)

1. Delete Temporary (temp) files
Temp files Windows 10 in a computer can be deleted by simply doing:
Firstly, Press the Windows button + R (⊞ Win+R) to the open “RUN” dialog box shown in the below image.

windows 10 temp files delete

Windows 10 temporary files
Then type this text: “temp” in the dialog box and Delete all files.
Again follow step one and this time type this text: “%temp%” in the dialog box and press enter then select all files and delete it.
Note: In general, it’s safe to delete anything in the Temp folder. Sometimes, you may get a “can’t delete because the file is in use” message, but you can just skip those files. temp files hold temporary information until a new file is being made.

2. Changing Power Options
Power options that manage how your computer uses power by customizing a power plan we can make your computer fast and Favors high performance.
To Open Power Options panel in computer simply got to Show hidden icons then Right-click and Select Power Option as shown in the below image.

windows 10 power options

And then changing Power Option to High performance which will enhance your computer performance but may consume more energy. refer below image:

windows 10 performance mode

In case you are not able to find Power Options simply Go to Control Panel,>>Hardware and Sound>>Power Options.

3. Stop Windows 10 updates
The major reason many Windows 10 users suffer from Computer Freezing and Lagging because of regularly new updates from Microsoft which uses your Internet in the background(Eat all your Internet data) and uses Memory which can make the system slower.
To stop Windows 10 automatic updates Go to>> Windows Update Settings>>Advance Setting and Turn off automatic Windows 10 update.

4. Stop all unnecessary Background processes
In computer their many processes that run behind (In the background) without the user knowing this processes use memory and disk space which ultimately freezes Windows 10 Computer to keep eye on background process and stop them Press [ctrl] + [alt] + [delete] (del) At a time. then you will see this refer following image:
task manager

windows 10 task manager



Finally, Keep eye your regularly on unwanted Apps and Application which are using Computer memory and disk space.

Uninstalling external Antivirus software
If you are using Windows 10 either Free or Purchased version by default Microsoft provides Windows Defender Antivirus which recommended and best for Windows 10. External Antivirus may slow down your computer speed and performance drastically.

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