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How to Fix Google stadia Game Lag on Mac

OVERVIEW: If you’re having Google stadia Game Lag or facing a lot of problems running stadia on your Mac whether you are getting that black screen or it’s just lighting too much well there’s one way around that obviously. So in this post I will tell you how you can Fix Google stadia Game Lag before we start I assume you tested out your Wi-Fi speed everything’s good maybe you’re using Ethernet cable to make things faster anyways besides those obvious things we’re gonna go right into stereo right now and we’re just gonna stereo there we go we’re gonna run that so obviously you have to run this using Chrome so right now you may be getting a black screen may be or it’s just lagging either way what fixes and especially for that black screen is going right up if you zoom on more right after chrome you will see the file under file our third option will be this okay so just run in new incognito window.

Fixing Google Stadia Game lag on Mac

So let’s open that up and at this point go right into stereo Google calm we’re gonna have to sign into it once you signed into it then obviously you can start playing however that’s not the only fix that’s one of the fixes so if you are still having problems most likely the back black screen will get fixed by doing this however the lag can be fixed other ways so we’re gonna go into it right now under your Apple logo on the top left-hand side that would be the easiest way for you to get there go right into system preferences which is your second option once you bring this up and when you to choose security and privacy so that’s down here you will see security in privacy. So let’s just type right there then we’re gonna see these options here so before we touch anything let’s just click on this lock which is on the bottom left-hand side just click on that lock we have to unlock this in order to make any changes so make sure to do that before we do anything and from here usually we don’t have to turn off our firewall there are specific things that we do have to let in through our firewall but just to make things easier for you just turn it off for now just as long as you are playing stereo just turn it off.

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I do suggest back on afterward firewall is important anyways right now we just turned that off under privacy something else that helps out is also turning off location services so we’re gonna just turn this off and at this point, we can just leave that there and go back to Google stadia so right here is Google Chrome we can go ahead and play so at this point you shouldn’t see any black screens or any lag happening.

Just try it won’t get a black screen right now with destiny or any game for that matter usually I’d be getting more complaints about destiny getting that black screen but it’s any game whatsoever that you try to play you will see this black screen and it doesn’t go anywhere right but as long as you turn off your firewall you turned off that location services you have incognito does fix the thing usually for sure so even before you turn off all that stuff most likely it’s gonna work just by doing that so right now we’re gonna press a to get started sometimes yes your control it does disconnect.

So what I suggest is just actually disconnecting it your USB and then connecting it back up again if that doesn’t work then just fully turn off your controller and then turn it back on other than that it will be work.

Also, our trick that happens with the controller I know you have those problems sometimes it doesn’t want to hook up just press all the buttons on it I know that sounds kind of weird but if you press all the buttons on it kind of sends out that signal that you’re connected you’re good to go and you can go ahead and play of course to play with Mac we still need this USB we can’t play wireless yet. We should later on anyways right now we’re gonna pick hunter I’m just gonna run the game so you can see that right now it should be working just fine with any Mac this should be working as long as you have Google Chrome.


You should have the latest version if you don’t see any update on your App Store or in System Preferences usually it’s in your app store everything that has to do with software so if you see any updates that make those updates happen most likely you want but so you might if you’re having updating your Mac in a while so this point I’m just gonna weigh in to looks for enough people to play with so we should be good to go you shouldn’t be able to hear anything sigh didn’t turn on my sound almost slightly turn it on so you can hear the game itself so there we go anyways if you are still having problems with this let me know what you’ve tried first of all and then let me know what the problem is that you see whether it’s a black screen or just extreme lag like I mentioned for extreme lag just make sure it’s not your Wi-Fi speed okay.


So just go test out your speed you can just Google test speed internet and then just run off those tests it’s usually the second option that you have to pick it’s pretty good there’s other ways they get to test it out there’s no official one from steady itself you can use in order to test out whether your internet speed is good enough to run stereo usually for most of you it should be good enough because that it doesn’t require much and as you can see our not lagging usually what I’ve seen in the start of games is a little bit of lag and then it catches up and then you’re good to go or every time I respond I usually like just one second and then again I’m good to go if your internet speed does drop at any time then yes you will see lag if you are experiencing a lot of like I would always try that Ethernet cable it does make a big difference depending where your router is sometimes there’s those interference that you get with your Wi-Fi signal so it won’t be perfect so as you can see this is running okay it’s gonna play a little bit you get an idea of what lag you should get and what like you shouldn’t get when you’re playing this when I first started playing in stadia for sure I got a lot of lag because I didn’t have all these settings turned on I just ran google chrome inspected everything to work that way that it should work I shouldn’t have to do all these steps in order to get this to work on my Mac but it worked out I’m still trying to get a definite fix from Google so I’ve been in contact with stadia and seeing what we can do in order to fix this we’ll see if I get a something something that will make this work for sure then I’ll let you know for now this is the only way that I could get out of the black screen plus that extreme lag that I was getting right now this is very playable so I can finally make or start making some videos some more videos on stereos I don’t have some but not that many because I’ve been getting so much lag and I really wanted to do those on right here my Mac and not have to use my Google chromecast that that actually works perfect on my TV I rarely get any lag whenever I got any lag on my TV it was just in the start of the games other than that I wouldn’t get that much lag from Google chromecast but on my Mac I always had that problem and lately I’ve been getting that black screen which right now I was able to fix it by doing the steps that I just showed you once again I will be doing an updated video if I see another way sorry did mentioned that downloading Google Chrome Canary will helped out.


However, maybe it will work so try Google canary Google and that may just work for you so make sure to try that out that’s again Google Chrome Canary it’s by Google Chrome so it’s an official Google Chrome web browser so download it from Google itself shouldn’t be from anybody else anytime you can download any software make sure to download it from the official web sites I wouldn’t go to any other third parties to get those anyways. And I hope this has fixed your Google stadia Game Lag If this helped you out if you have any comments questions you can write down here in the comments area.

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