Fix Microsoft Store Apps Not Downloading Problem

So today we will show you how to fix Microsoft Store apps not downloading problem in your Windows 10 PC. In yesterday night I try to install the one application via my Microsoft Store, but unfortunately, this Microsoft Store doesn’t work, which means that it only shows downloading… So if you have the same issue, just follow the steps I will show to easily fix this problem.

fix windows store apps not downloading problem

How to Fix Microsoft Not Downloading Apps Probelm

So let’s get started… First of all, reset your Microsoft Store application in your Windows 10 PC and followed by check your network status, so how to do that process?.
Just press your Windows key in your keyboard and then one popup window is opening here you can press that gear icon to access the settings menu. Now in this setting section, you can go to “Apps” settings, and then it shows my entire installed applications… So here you can locate the Microsoft Store application. Finally, locate it. So just press it and then go to “Advanced Options” but first you can check one thing in this app permissions does enable all the settings or not. If not enabled just click to enable it and then scroll down and once click to reset this Microsoft Store application, but don’t worry about it because it won’t affect your installed applications, so just select it and it asks for confirmation, so just press “Reset”.
Once you have done this process, just close all the settings and also check your network connection status, so here If your network is disabled, so try to connect it.
Finally, after the network is now ready to use. If you have time just restart your Windows PC after the restarting is completed now once again now try to check Microsoft Store application, because this problem is solved or not. So just click to open it, finally, here you can see my same application is now starts to downloading and this trick works very smoothly.


Following these methods will surely fix your Microsoft Store Apps not Downloading problem. Using Basic and Advanced Options this problem is commonly occurred in most of the Windows 10 operating systems And Microsoft constantly working to fix this problem mentioned in there official blog. So this is the way you can easily fix your Microsoft Store problems by watching this tutorial. For more tech posts you can subscribe to our beautiful blog “MoltX”.

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