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25+ Digital Electronics Important Questions for BCA & BSC IT

Collection of 25+ important questions in Digital Electronics for BCA and BSC IT students for College semester exams. We have gathered the most important questions related to DE in the Computer Science field.

The following are the most important questions which can easily help you with your studies. After that, it can boost up your revision time as well.

Digital Electronics Important Questions

Digital Electronics Important Questions
  1. Give a brief note on edge-triggered flip flop using proper logic diagrams.
  2. Difference between UP, DOWN, and UP DOWN/counter.
  3. Design an asynchronous count using JK flipflop.
  4. Explain the working of 555 timers with a suitable diagram.
  5. Write a short note on the following:
    • (a) EPROM (b) RAM
    • (c) PAL (d) PLA
  6. Explain the circuit and working of the ring and twisted ring counter.
  7. Answer the following questions
    • The sum of two binary numbers is 100000 and their difference is 1100. What are the binary numbers?
    • Perform the following using base 5 arithmetic:2414s+3423s
  8. Draw the logic diagrams and construct the truth table for the following:
    • (a) W=A+(BC)’
    • (b) Z=(A+B’)’+(X’Y)’
  9. Draw logic diagrams to implement F=ABC+B’C’ using only NAND gates and again using only NOR gates.

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  1. Implement the following Boolean function with multiplexer having one less selection line than the number of variables.
  2. Design an 8X1 multiplexer. Draw a suitable logic diagram and truth table for the same.
  3. Explain the difference between asynchronous and synchronous sequential circuits.
  4. Explain the difference between latch and flip flop.
  5. Give the truth table proof for the distributive law of Boolean algebra.
    • (i) X(Y+Z)=XY+XZ
    • (ii) X+YZ=(X+Y)(X+Z)
  1. Design 3X8 decoder using And gates. Draw a suitable logic gate diagram and truth table.
  2. Convert the following hexadecimal numbers to decimal number representation:
    • (i) (A08F.EA)
    • (ii) 8E47.AB
    • (iii) F46
  3. Convert the following binary numbers to hexadecimal representation:
    • (i) (1011011011)
    • (ii) 110110111.01111
    • (iii) 11001111
  4. Design a full subtractor circuit. Realize and derive the equation using karnaugh maps.
  5. Design ring counter using a suitable block/gate diagram.
  6. Write short notes on the following:
    • K maps
    • Logic gates
  7. What do you mean by the Product of sums and sum of products? Explain with suitable Example.
  8. How will you convert a decimal to a number of base 3? Explain with suitable example.
  9. Write short notes on the BCD to 7 segment decoder.
  1. Design an 81 multiplexer using a 41 and 2*1 multiplexer.
  2. How is a JK flip flop made to toggle?
  3. Why are binary numbers important in computing?
  4. State De-Morgan’s Theorem.


Through this blog post, We have shared the top 25 important questions in Digital Electronics. Which can help you in your exams as we collected these questions from various offline and online sources across the internet? Hope it will help you in your MSE (Mid-semester exams) and ESE (End-semester exams).

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